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UX Portfolio

For me, UX Design is about solving problems

There has been some discussion about the best designers being ’T-shaped’, referring to a broad set of shallow skills, with one specialist skill. I’m not sure about that. I think it’s better to have lots of deep specialisms, and a good capacity for lateral thinking. Not sure what shape that would be though… A comb?


The term UX Consultant best describes what I do. I work on end-to-end design, from research to high-fidelity prototyping. I’ve worked with startups, agencies, and multinational corporations. A highlight was supporting the launch of the Samsung S10.

Good UX starts with good research. I once built a cheap usability lab for a startup and wrote about it here. Since then, I’ve helped build more expensive labs at bigger places. I love the psychological insights of research, but I also enjoy sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.

The case studies below cover a mix of research, UX/UI design, web and mobile.

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