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UX Portfolio

For me, UX Design is about solving problems. But that can take many different forms depending on the problem.


There has been some discussion about the best UX Designers being ’T-shaped’, referring to a broad set of shallow skills, with one specialist skill. I’m not sure about that. I think it’s better to have lots of deep specialisms, with a good capacity for lateral thinking. Not sure what shape that would be though… A comb? Instead, I just say I’m a generalist. I’ve worked with small startups, mid-size agencies, and multinational corporations. A highlight was helping support the launch of the Samsung S10.

I think good UX starts with good research. I once set up a cheap usability lab for a startup, and got so into it, that I wrote about it here (I still think it’s the best guide on mobile usability testing). I’ve since helped build labs at bigger places.

The case studies below cover a mix of research, UX, UI, web and mobile.