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All Saints // ideation

The Challenge

All Saints is a major British fashion retailer. While I was working for ecommerce agency Astound, they were a primary client, and I worked on a number of UX improvements for their website.

This represents just a selection of the ideas that I presented.

Fashion moves fast and there is great pressure on the more exclusive and hip retailers to stay at the cutting edge and remain competitive.

The Process

I focused on finding ideas that would fit into the following areas:

  • Overarching improvements

  • Customer service

  • Elevating the brand

  • Personalisation

  • Cross-selling

Product Images
  • There are two view types on the PLP: full-width images and double images.

  • Model shots look best when large.

  • Product shots look best when small.

  • Automatically switch photo type depending on the view type.

This also enables quicker comparison when skimming through the double-image layout.


“Added to bag” overlay

Enhanced overlay notification

  • The “just added” notification slides in from the top.

  • The shopping bag icon updates to show the number of items added.

  • This notification confirms the user’s action.

  • It does not take them out of their current journey.


Dynamic messaging

  • The extended returns policy is signposted on the PLP.

  • This reassures the user while they are browsing high-value items.

  • Users are more likely to buy if there is a generous return policy.


Left-hand navigation on desktop

We suggest using a left-hand navigation on desktop, similar to mobile. This navigation will be visible on land on the HP and sit on top of the main hero banner area. When a user hovers over the nav area, a white panel fades in for legibility. All other pages revert to hamburger menu.

The panel extends to reveal sub categories. Ref: Aesop


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