I like minimalism.

But I also like big, bold design.

For me, UX is about solving problems, and being flexible.

I worked in publishing as an editor for many years, and commissioned and project managed a wide variety of books.

Along the way I immersed myself in subjects ranging from jazz music to medieval art to modern photography.


It was a challenging but rewarding time and I still love working with designers and colleagues who can try new things and adapt to different styles.

The thing I like about UX is how all-encompassing it is.

  • Writing is UX

  • Interaction is UX

  • Visual design is UX


It's fun to synthesize all the elements and find what's right for each situation.


I write about various, and only tangentially related, things that intrigue me. I have written for various books, journals, magazines and websites.


Topics include William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Decadence, esotericism, alcohol, higher mathematics, modern art, and illustration. 

Because I have such an unlikely set of interests, I've occasionally contributed to some academic journals and – at the other end of the scale – some deluxe, limited editions.

When I worked as an editor at British Library Publishing, I became fascinated by their collection of early modern pamphlets and wrote a book on 17th-century woodcuts – which are far more interesting than they sound. This was shortlisted for a British Book Design and Production Award.

I've also written about UX and tech for UX Collective, UX Planet and HackerNoon.


I love a good challenge! 


I once became slightly obsessed with memory systems and can now memorise multiple decks of cards.


I've yet to do anything lucrative with this odd skill like take on the Las Vegas card tables.

I enjoy extreme endurance events and ran a 100km ultramarathon after just four months' training (and placed quite high).

When I'm not training, I sometimes distil absinthe.

I also like hiking and plan on doing more solo multi-day treks.


Solitude is necessary sometimes.




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